IPMA Firmware Feature Upgrade

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Re: IPMA Firmware Feature Upgrade

Post by MoJo88 »

You need a certain version of FORScan which they have removed from the public because people didn't know what they were doing and kept killing there cars then blaming FORScan developers.
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Re: IPMA Firmware Feature Upgrade

Post by Pejcinoski »

elpamyelhsa wrote:
Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:41 am
Thanks everyone, can confirm a mirror with AHBC/LA can be upgraded to support AHBC/LA/TSR, its now all working now with the following.

Part: FU5A-17E678-LG
Hardware: EB3T-14G025-AB
|SBL: DA5T-14G021-BA | NO CHANGE | DA5T-14G021-BA |
|Strategy: FT4T-14G019-HE | UPDATED| FS7T-14G019-SF|
|Strategy: FT4T-14G082-HE | NO CHANGE| FT4T-14G082-HE |
|ECU/Base: EB3T-14G024-AF | UPDATED| FS7T-14G024-SE |
|ECU/Personal: FT4T-14G081-HE | NO CHANGE|FT4T-14G081-HE |
When upgrading, just upgrade the 14G019 and 14G024, and not the other huge updates that take an hour.

If anyone is missing the IPMA Easy Mode configuration, it has been added for the Ranger P375 in FORScan 2.3.39beta

I’ve got the cable and forscan beta...

Have tried to update the IPMA module however it goes to 99% and it fails to update the last item FT4T-14G081-HE

What I am doing wrong? I now have the fault in the IPMA module as it have removed the files

Can anyone help how to resolve?
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Re: IPMA Firmware Feature Upgrade

Post by elpamyelhsa »

If the firmware update fails, follow the below:

In the IPMA Firmware update, select custom "to program", the SBL 14G021 will be automatically selected for each time you program the module
Tick the box "Force program unchanged firmware"
1. Firstly, select FS7T-14G019-SF and FS7T-14G024-SE, and leave all other options blank then program the module.
2. if programming these two files gives the 'bricked' error then move on to writing your original 14G082 file by itself.
3. Then move on to writing your original 14G081 file by itself.

If you are still seeing the bricked error use this order to program the module back to the original files:
==do not turn off your car between programming==
You can stop at any stage if the IPMA starts responding again, stage 2 is very slow if it is needed.
1. 14G019, 14G024
2. 14G082
3. 14G081

If the IPMA is still bricked using factory 14G082 and 14G081, you can try program FT4T-14G082-HE, then seperatly program FT4T-14G081-HE.
If it is still 'bricked', use the above order to reflash all original files for your IPMA. Start with just the IPMA original 14G019, 14G024 and it may bring it back without the reflashing the slower 14G082 file.

Just to explain this a little more, keep the following information in mind:
You do not need to program every file at the same time when updating modules

14G021 is the bootloader and is needed everytime to program modules
14G019 is likely the app that runs the logic on the IPMA (eg. lane detection and TSR detection code)
14G024 is just the configuration storage for the app logic.
This means the file set "FS7T-14G019-SF and FS7T-14G024-SE" are like an app running on your mobile phone.

14G082 is a huge (15MB) and is likely the full operating system that is running on your mirror, this file generally doesn't need updating and can take 30min to 2hours
14G081 is just the configuration storage for the operating system configuration, and only needs updating if the 14G082 is updated.

After the IPMA is working again you will need to clear DTC codes as it will have some errors for the IPMA. If the IPMA has calibration needed error you can try restore "Factory AB" from the button on the IPMA AS BUILT page.
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Re: IPMA Firmware Feature Upgrade

Post by Pejcinoski »

OK, i've got the module back up without any errors for now. Will check tomorrow whether it all works - line assist etc...
If there is something not working i will try your method to see if i get this back up and running.

So do we have to have the modified files for the TSR to be activated or they can just be updated to whatever the for scan is available?

Ive got the TSR in the menu but greed out and also have sync 3 running 3.4, what else is required to have the TSR activated?
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Re: IPMA Firmware Feature Upgrade

Post by bergekste »

All, i am looking for these files to properly update my IPMA (DU5A-17E678-EM). Who would have these (and is ready to share)?
The Ford IDS site is not hosting these calibration files, i checked already.

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