2019 Superduty GT Sync 3 Sirius issue

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2019 Superduty GT Sync 3 Sirius issue

Post by platniumparks »

Good Morning.
I recently changed my 2019 f250 platinum sync 3 theme to the GT theme absolutely loving it. However now i can no longer see the Sirius xm channel numbers nor the channel logo or description. its like not text from the Sirius xm channels can be passed through rather their is an @ and some letters that show up. the channels still come through but no idea what channel i am on. has anyone had this issue?

Side note to this. does anyone know the stock hex values to return the sync 3 theme to stock. i took notes on my stock values but my kid threw out the note book. i know 7d0-01-02 was already a 0 for the first digit but i do not remember the 6th digit for 7d0-02-01 or the 6th digit for 7d0-03-01.
i wonder if my Sirius issue is just because of the theme.
looking for some help.
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Re: 2019 Superduty GT Sync 3 Sirius issue

Post by Jvalen »

Try this, I have a 2019 f550

7D0-02-01 4341 0103 C022
7D0-03-01 0100 0105 00E2
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