vbf file and programming

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vbf file and programming

Post by scn101 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:53 pm

During the middle of MY2019 MKZ hybrid and Fusion hybrid production Ford disabled the hybrid battery's State of Charge (SOC) display on the IPC. I checked the "as built" data on two 2019 MKZh VINs, one with the SOC display and one without, both have identical IPC as built data so I don't think getting the SOC display back is a simple hex value change. So I *think* that to restore the SOC display all that needs to be done is to re-program the IPC with an earlier version (vbf file?).

The IPC in Dealer Test Mode reports the following:
PartNo: KP5T-AE
Core: JP5T-AA
Cal#1: KP5T-AD

From another forum it was suggested to try downgrading to this (I'm not sure where the "14C026" and "14C088" came from):
#1: KP5T-14C026-AD
#2: KP5T-14C088-AC

I have a FORScan extended license and the OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter which I believe can program vbf files.

I went to https://www.fordtechservice.dealerconne ... roduct=IDS and tried to download the calibration file "KP5T-14C026-AD" but it cannot find that vbf file.

Help needed. I want to test KP5T-14C026-AD and KP5T-14C088-AC to see if the SOC display is restored. Where can I find these files?

Also, I absolutely want to back up my current programming, can this be done? Or where can I find the file "KP5T-AE" in case something goes wrong?

Thank you.

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Re: vbf file and programming

Post by daboss54 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:58 am

Did you ever Figure it out?

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Re: vbf file and programming

Post by hotdog » Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:40 pm

Hey, buddy
I sent you PM and look forward to hearing from you

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