Restoring factory AS Built data

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Restoring factory AS Built data

Post by dont slow down » Sun Feb 02, 2020 4:12 pm

Looking for a bit of help here. I've used forscan quite a bit and have run into a problem on my 2009 F150

I went into the GEM module to try and see if the bambi mod would work. I was using the 726-11-01 line and the code from the 11-14 F150 spreadsheet (yes I know those are BCM years) I was seeing if by chance it would work. It didn't. I put the line back to factory. Now after restart I get the door chime when I shift into reverse. (since I have an 09 its just the ding ding as if you left the key in the ignition) I find it odd because I put the 726-11-01 back to how it was before I started.

Well me being somewhat smart I had made a backup of my GEM before I started. I loaded and wrote the GEM backup file. Chime is still there. I pulled the factory as built data from the ford website using my vin and printed out everything. I compared the print out to my stock GEM backup settings. First thing I noted is the actual module has way more lines than the Ford print out had. Why is that? How can I get the rest of the factory settings?

I understand not many people have messed with the GEM module but are there any techniques to figure this out? I should think that my GEM backup file is more reliable than the printout since I pulled it from the actual module. Just hoping someone could shed some light on the mismatch I have.

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Re: Restoring factory AS Built data

Post by AKJeeper » Fri Mar 13, 2020 6:28 am

I've been experimenting with the GEM on my 2010 F150 and have figured out a few things (which I'll be posting about in a separate thread once I get a spreadsheet put together).

Unfortunately, as of right now, I have not figured out if there's a way to do the bambi mod on 2009-2010 GEM trucks.

I did not have any additional code beyond the factory 'as-built' data on my 2010 until I added the trailer brake module to my truck. Would you mind posting everything you can pull up on your GEM with FORScan? I'd like to try and help you get rid of the reverse chime if I can.

For what it's worth - I found that 726-11-01 on my 2010 (as well as a friend's 2009) is the setting for the autolamp delay timer (in hex). My setting is currently at 30 seconds, so "1E00 5D" (the 1E = 30 in hex, the rest appears to be a checksum). Default on my truck (and my friend's 2009) is "1400 53".

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