Reverse Camera for Ford Ranger 2019 XLS

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Reverse Camera for Ford Ranger 2019 XLS

Post by keenwerkz » Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:34 am

Hi Everyone,

1) I wired an aftermarket camera to a 54-PIN APIM connector with RCA jack to the APIM of my Ford Ranger 2019 XLS (Philippine Market)

2) Tried activating rear camera via changing this value in FCDIM:
7A5-01-01 x2xx xxxx xxxx
Results to no rear camera detected. Are there other steps missing after writing data and following the off-on procedure of Forscan?

3) I tried also editing the BdyCM as seen on some
726-39-02 xxxx x1xx xxxx but still no luck - I got a DTC on this.

4) I wanted to try the APIM activation but the value is already at 5 so I did not do anything here.
7D0-01-01 xXxx xxxx xxxx

Question: What did I miss? What/where should I be doing the changes?

Here are some info:

Type: FTDI #1:A73XNJZ7, 2000000 kbps
Adapter: STN1170 v3.3.1 (ELM327 v1.3a)
Min.delay: 16 ms ( Good)
Errors: None

Model: Ford Ranger/Courier/Mazda B-Series
Engine: Duratorq Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection
Capacity: 2.2L
Year: 2019
Generation: 2015 MY
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission gear: Automatic

APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: E6BT-14D212-TB
Strategy : E1BT-14D205-AJ

BdyCM - Body Control Module
Part number: JU5T-14B476-DAK (latest known: JU5T-14B476-DAR)
Strategy : JU5T-14C184-AAJ

FCDIM - Front Control/Display Interface Module
Part number: HB3T-18B955-CB
Strategy : E1GT-14D358-CL

Can also upload Screenshots of config later if needed

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