Mapping the right hand steering buttons

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Mapping the right hand steering buttons

Post by JDC116799 » Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:08 am

I changed out the steering wheel in my 2016 f-150 Lariat 2.7L eco-boost with a 2018 platinum heated steering wheel using the instructions below. The heated steering wheel works great, but the button mapping for the right hand side is different than the original factory. I want to use FORScan to remap the buttons but I am not real sure how it works. From what I gather from google, I need to change the code on the SCCM to match the package "layout" I am after. The three questions I have are:

1. Is the correct?
2. If I am how do I tell which layout I want (outside of trial and error)
3. Are they any other changes I need?

ForScan SCCM Codes
724-03-01 xx** xxxx xx Steering Wheel Switch Right Hand Cfg
00=Analog config 22=Ford Home Sync
10=Ford Sway only 23=Ford LOL1 Sync Audio
11=Ford Base Cruise 24= Ford SVT Voice Track Pack
12=Ford ACC Cruise 25= Ford SVT Track Pack
13=Ford ASLD Cruise 26= Ford SVT Voice
14=Ford ASLD ACC Cruise 29= Ford Adaptive Cruise
15=Ford EU ASLD Cruise 30=Lincoln Base Cruise
16= Ford SVT Base Cruise Phone 31=Lincoln ACC Cruise
17= Ford Base Cruise Audio 32= Ford Audio HUD
18= Ford Adaptive Cruise Audio 33= Ford Audio View
19=ACC Cruise Stop & Go (2018 F150) 34= Ford SVT Phone Track Pack
20=Ford Audio 35= Ford Sync Media
21=Ford Sync 40=Lincoln Sync

Instructions heated steering wheel: ... on-419608/
Platinum button layout: ... &maxy=1000
My lariat button layout: ... -l1600.jpg

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