Mustang 2012 OCS Calibration data

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Mustang 2012 OCS Calibration data

Post by 1222nap » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:49 am

Hi I have 2012 mustang with changed front seats from another car

U3000-4A incorrect component installed DTC set because of OCS is different year (part number dr33-603b16-aa)

Anyone know where to change as-built data to correct OCS classification id?

My as-built from ETIS:

RCM 737-01-01 315A 5642 50B3
RCM 737-01-02 3841 4D32 437C
RCM 737-01-03 3532 3436 3043
RCM 737-01-04 3639 B2
RCM 737-02-01 C700 0000 08

and there is more on car, where i think OCS id is stored

737-03-01 0F51
737-04-01 C003

Maybe someone can share as-built from any 2013-2014 mustang RCM module

I know calibration only for F150 for different OCS modules, but mustang RCM calibration is different

For F150:

737-06-01 **** xx OCS Configuration ID ** Note: when swapping seats from different years this must be changed to match sensor

FL3B-604A17-AG sensor (737-06-01 0Fxx 9E) HL3B-604A17-AA sensor (737-06-01 11xx A0) JL3B-604A17-AE Sensor (737-06-01 12xx A1)

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