2015 Expedition Limited Folding mirrors

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2015 Expedition Limited Folding mirrors

Post by bkeeper » Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:41 pm

Hi all,
New to the Forum. I have a 2015 Expedition Limited which has power fold mirrors.
My wife would like to have the ability to Auto fold upon FOB lock and unfold when FOB unlock.
Seen a lot about F-150's and such. Purchased an OHP ELMconfig adapter for my PC and joined and downloaded Forscan with extended license.
Still digesting it all and have the configuration spread sheets.

Just want t know if it is possible for this year for programing what I already have.
I have searched around the web, some say YES and some say NO for the 2015 to program this with Forscan.
Some say it requires aftermarket module?

Does anyone have experience with this and can it be done or not with Forscan.
Thanks so much!

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