Forscan and towbar, MK3 Focus

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Forscan and towbar, MK3 Focus

Post by turboscrew » Sat Sep 28, 2019 11:13 am

Can Forscan used for programming towbar to MK3 Ford Focus (2011 Ti-VCT)?
And if, then how?
I think I should only be able to set 7-pin connector and rear foglight function.
I don't have radars or cameras.

I had a try with Focccus, but nothing happened, and I didn't figure out how to program with Forscan.
I tried with trial license.
I understand that ELMConfig doesn't support MK3 Focus?

Has anybody done the programming for Thule/Brink (712053) wiring kit?

I figured it out - I was lacking the calibration files.
The changes (tow bar 7-pin, towbar module enabled) were written OK, but no effect.
Should I have written to backup too?

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