2013 Fusion 4.2" SYNC2 - Camera Active Guidelines

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2013 Fusion 4.2" SYNC2 - Camera Active Guidelines

Post by itguy223 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:48 am

Hello all,

A couple weeks ago I purchased a 2013 Fusion SE, with 4.2" SYNC2 and no rearview camera. I purchased the necessary harnesses and camera and installed it, and the camera works great after making the necessary change to the FCDIM asbuilt with forscan. (7A5-01-01)

The only problem, I cannot get the active guidelines that move with the steering wheel to appear. I have read I need to make the following changes to the asbuilt data of the BCM:

726-34-01 xxXX-xxxx-xxxx set XX to 61 Dynamic Guidelines & Zoom
726-39-02 xxxx-xXxx-xxxx set X to 1 Dynamic Guidelines & Zoom

I receive an error when attempting to modify 726-34-01 that programming has failed, and my BCM does not have 726-39-02 at all. Is this different for 2013? I looked up some other 2013 Fusion VIN numbers on motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt and see that other 2013s also do not have 726-39-02, but 2014+ do.

Is it possible to enable these features on a 2013, or is it only possible on 2014+?

Thanks in advance!

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