2017 Police Utility

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2017 Police Utility

Post by Muxlow » Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:59 pm

Have done some tinkering with some of the as built options and can confirm these work on the 2017 ford police utility

IPC AUx/Vehicle Image 720-04-02 (Even shows what doors are open. Removes the AUX 1 2 3 4 icons on the display)

AWD Gauge 720-01-01

Global windows shows in the settings but does not work
Police engine idle is enabled but dont show how to wire it up so cant confirm is that is working. Also no menu option showing for it

Autounlock shows but does not seem to work

Daytime running light option works but no signature lighting

Tried to do the locking liftgate but cant seem to get that working. Its VERY annoying to have to push the liftgate button or use the fob or key everytime. Does not unlock with the doors

And cant seem to figure out how to program other keyfobs (only have 1, have 2 extras with autostart but cant get the vehicle to go into program mode)

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