Fusion Hybrid cant change battery age

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Fusion Hybrid cant change battery age

Post by hdfdfh »

when i try to write any data in the BECM i get a error saying Cannot Write Block incompatible configuration i was going to try to change the BECM(As Built Data) assuming i could just find the battery age's hex value 0x3A if i couldnt find a 0x3A i wasnt going to mess with it but it seems there is no BECM(As Built Data) module i can run only a BECMB(As Built Data).

I have written in multiple modules before typically no issue's i have encountered this error with other modules before.
Iam using a OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter, on a 2018 Fusion Hybrid Titanium
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Re: Fusion Hybrid cant change battery age

Post by jpohlman »

You can't set the HVB battery age on the 2013+ Fusion, its a non-supported function.
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