Adding BPM (Bluetooth) module to 2009 FG Falcon

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Adding BPM (Bluetooth) module to 2009 FG Falcon

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I have had a search and have not come up with anything to assist.

I have a 2009 Australian FG Falcon and want to add the BPM module (Bluetooth) and possibly the AIM (Audio Interface Module) for the Ipod.

From my limited research and with assistance from the FORScan team, it looks like it is possible. My advice has been to get a "good" ELS27 module and then use FORScan (most likely with the extended licence) to activate these modules.

Has anyone else out there used FORScan to add these modules to an FG?

I would be very interested to hear any stories or advice on which way to go

Thanks in advance

Melbourne, AUS
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Re: Adding BPM (Bluetooth) module to 2009 FG Falcon

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Hey Guys

I understand this is an old post.
I have the same question.

I have a 2009 Ford G6E Turbo that I need to replace the BPM module to the newer one so my iPhone will work properly.
Can FORscan re code the BPM module for my car?

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Re: Adding BPM (Bluetooth) module to 2009 FG Falcon

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I will check but from memory you have to reset FDIM and ACIM before it will become active.
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