Steering Angle Sensor - how to recalibrate?

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Re: Steering Angle Sensor - how to recalibrate?

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nights wrote:
Tue May 04, 2021 2:49 pm
forscan mondeo mk3 steering angle calibrate ? How to do?
What is the actual problem that has prompted you to run this calibration? Have you changed a module or a steering gear or had some suspension and steering work performed?

Are you having DTC's pertaining to Advance Trac or Vehicle stability control or traction control or the ABS. Are you having steering or alignment problems like steering wheel not centred during straight ahead travel or not coming back to centre after turns?
Pulling to one side on straight ahead travel etc.?

Is this an Electronic steering system or a hydraulic system? More Information would be much more helpful.

Your service procedure log(After translating the Log) shows the Service procedure is completing successfully so the problem does not appear to be within Forscan or your connection or for that matter with the Power Steering Control Module.

Your log shows a Triangle next to a strange steering angle reading and my Wife's 2010 Fusion has had similar strange reading through two Electronic steering rack changes and no other DTC's or problems so mostly I just ignore it.

The following is what worked on the 2010 Fusion which is supposed to be similar to a Mondeo?

Load and run all of the PID's(Icon that looks like an oscilloscope)(Easiest if you do this in the table view) for the Power steering control module (PSCM) and check for the steering wheel centre position being as close to zero degrees as you can hold when driving on a straight stretch of road.

While stopped turn the wheels to the left and the right against the locks(do not hold them tight there) and you should see the Steering angle go from Zero in the centre to a High negative reading at lock when turning the wheel to the Right(My fusion) and from Zero at centre to a High positive reading at lock when turning to the left(In the Fusion yours may be different). These two readings should only very by +or- .5 to 1 degree at the lock given proper alignment.

If your steering angle PID's read an equal amount to the left and the right and steering wheel centres within +or- 1 degree of 0 degrees when driving straight ahead then the steering angle sensor is following the wheels very closely and would seem to be calibrated correctly.

This was my experience with the Fusion!

See if that gives you a direction? Post back!
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Re: Steering Angle Sensor - how to recalibrate?

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radmol wrote:
Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:03 pm

In my Smax I had wheels aligned (geometry fixed) but the car still turns a little to the right while driving straight. Suspension is 100% good. Tyres and alloy rims/wheels are good. Basically every mechanical thing was checkef and there is nothing wrong.

This morning I tried to calibrate SAS sensor using Forscan and it went OK. But the value "0.00deg" is on dashboard when in fact steering wheel is a little bit to the left. When the steering wheel is exactly in a straight position, SAS sensor shows 1.5deg right.
Question: should I first RESET this SAS sensor and then calibrate it?
Should I reset power steering module as well?

I have the same issue as you, but in my case with a Mazda 5 2006. My angle sensor value show 0º degree when i turn the steering wheel a little bit to the left, but in this case the steering wheel is out of the center. You already found a way to recalibrate your angle sensor?
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