Mondeo MK5 IPC Config Changes

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Mondeo MK5 IPC Config Changes

Post by mondeoman1988 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 9:04 pm

Good evening to all users of the Forscan Forum,

I'm wanting to do some changes on my IPC configuration, mainly adding Cross Traffic Alert, Tyre Pressure Display and the 10 minute fuel MPG Display.

I have one question that I don't seem to be getting an answer to at all really.

My Mondeo is a Vignale with the 10" digital IPC and my question is as follows; I've been viewing a few views on YouTube just to make sure the confidence levels and what to expect when programming (Working in IT you can never do enough research on these things!) namely I've been watching videos by "Nick the Car Guy" he's got a hybrid fusion and well every time he seems to program his IPC it'll do the usual flashing white whilst it's re writing the code but then upon everytime of him then starting the car he's greeted with a white screen before the IPC loads on start up, is this something I have to worry about? is it a side effect from the Forscan software?

Any information would be greatly appreciated :)

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