Motor swap 2017 Lincoln MKC

Testing new functions
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Motor swap 2017 Lincoln MKC

Post by copbait » Sat Mar 23, 2019 7:28 pm

Hey guys just wanted to explain my latest adventure in programming with the new firmware. I have a 2017 lincoln MKC 2.0L which was run out of oil during a collision and when I got it. I tried putting an oil pan and oil filter bracket on but there was a short block knock on cylinder 4. Wishful thinking, I hoped driving it would allow for it to return to normal (the pistons are 460 dollars a piece so a rebuild is out of the question.) Now less then a week and 300 miles but no improvement in the knock so I decided to allow the motor to be stressed, and one of the first times to wot something let loose.

Now I have a 2015 MKC with a 2.3L in a parts car just sitting around and talked with ford about flashing the module with the correct vin but the calibration for a 2.3L and they told me it was not possible, but after a few emails back and forth with the forscan team I had a game plan.

What I did:
I mechanically swapped motor and transmission from the donor to my MKC, rewired the engine harness due to change in S1B2 O2 sensor, addition of crankcase pressure sensor, and a moved AC pressure sensor. Went to and got the teartag info for the PCM of the 2017, then also on found the latest calibration file for a 2017 MKC with 2.3L. This file was not available but deduced that the last letter of the calibration file is associated with calibration build date not so much regarding different configurations. Flashed the new calibration file to the PCM, (first attempt failed, second attempt was successful). So far it looks like everything works.

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