Method to disable auto stop / start found

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Re: Method to disable auto stop / start found

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Has anyone tried unplugging the button for stop/start? I have heard that will disable. I was able to turn off in my 2019 edge, but haven’t heard how to in a 2020 Corsair....
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Re: Method to disable auto stop / start found

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This did NOT work on a 2021 Transit Cargo AWD.

This DID work on a 2017 Ford F150 XLT.
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Re: Method to disable auto stop / start found

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since ive had my focus the stop/start has never worked , if you want to do what i did then go to the gearbox on the end behind the 5th gear extension of the gearbox their is a sensor , remove the sensor then remove the cover (will need to be cut off carefully , their is a wavey piece of metal in it ,make this either short or longer by placing some wire around it and then replace the cap using some silcone to keep it water tight ) , after this you will get no warning or anything saying it is disabled but stop/start should no longer work as it can no longer get the correct reading from the sensor so it will never stop the engine ;D
i am the same as you just a forscan user still learning .
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Re: Method to disable auto stop / start found

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Frequent asked question, but is there still no solution available when BCM don't have the correct codes available?
Looking for an option for our Transit Custom '16.
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Re: Method to disable auto stop / start found

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Airborne_Ape wrote:
Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:10 am
My original IPC values for 720-01-01 were: 2C0B 3064 70
Sorry for the late reply.
thanks for bringing the Forscan info to the Bronco Sport Forum. I have a badlands edition, and trying to understand this before I do anything else.
my IPC value is 720-01-01 CC0E 3264 7009 I'f I follow what you've done I'd just change the 3 in 3264 to 1264 and the rest remains unchanged (XXXX) This should disable the auto start stop? I notice others are using BCMii 726... ... does it matter?

and reading is fundamental...apparently this part simply disabled the message. I need the BCM 726-48-02 x0xx xxxx xx to actually change or disable it.I'm guessing I either need something different or I am unable to disable. My range of 726 ranges 01-01 to 28-01
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