V2.4 Request

Testing new functions
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by F250on38s »

Could I have download link to the latest version v2.4?
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Barra220 »

Link please 2.4
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by lithium »

Link to latest 2.4 download, please? Have used before and understand implications.
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by townsenk »

Can I get a link to the latest 2.4.X
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Gianni62 »

Potre avere il link per download ultima versione V2.4 ?
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by dennis48755 »


Could I get a copy of 2.4 please. I understand the implications.

Mondeo tdci
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Mondeo tdci »

Where can I find a copy of 2.4.xx I'm trying to change tcm configuration to 180bhp.

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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Zbyniu123 »

Hello all and Forscan team,
I would also love to get a new 2.4.x software for tests if its still available of course.
Regards Alex
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Nitemare »

Hi is it possible for a 2.4.x version please to test.

I'm fully aware of the implications of theses versions but will compliment UCDS which I have.

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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by jjgits24 »

can i please get a link and i understand the implications
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