V2.4 Request

Testing new functions
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by galaxypen »

hello there i am looking to update my apim firmware for my 2018 focus st.
I have the obdlink ex and I am aware of the risks that are possible.

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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by kmsjaw »

anyone can help also me with new beta version with flash option ?

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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by drball83 »

I'm not sure if everyone else has been successful posting their requests here, but I would like a current version of FORScan 2.4 as well.
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by mappie »

also would like the latest version :D

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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Salsworn »

hELLO friend i would too also like the 2.4 beta to test functions. i am aware of risk i have a test car
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Smok46 »


can you send me the latest Version of Forscan and the programming guide ?

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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by aconolly »


Can I have the latest 2.4 beta. Need to reflash my APIM to solve the battery drain issue my Sync 3 APIM is causing. I understand the risks and will be using an approved OBD cable only.
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by en00d »

Hello, I am requesting access to the latest working build of 2.4.3, I understand the forscan community nor its developers are responsible and or liable for anything that goes wrong

Thank you
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Post by TX_Jax »

For crying out loud, people,

Go to https://forscan.org/download.html

to download the latest software!

This is for requesting new features!
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Deidas »


Could I got last version of FORScan?
I am trying to upgrade APIM for FORD FUSION 2018. But when I connect with 2.3.40 Version APIM upgrade firmware wont show up.
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