2019 F350 Intelligent Access Key Programming

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2019 F350 Intelligent Access Key Programming

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I am attempting to use the new version of Forscan with a paid license to do PATS Key programming on my 2019 Ford F350 with an Intelligent Access Key. I only have one working key currently and I want to program another key which I already have. The new key I have is an OEM Ford Key with the same FCC ID as my old key.

I am running the latest version of the Software using a Windows 10 PC 2.3.56.
I am connected with a Forscan Recommended Adapter vLinker FS USB.

I enter the Service Procedure for the BodyCM PATS Programming and I acknowledge all the messages. The system Starts the PATS Procedure, Checks the PATS Version, Checks the Connection to the Forscan Server, then it Checks the Adapter. That is when it haults the service procedure. I have tried rebooting and reconnecting the computer, adapter, and vehicle. Still does the same thing.

Do I need a different Adapter? Or will this process not work in my vehicle?

I noticed that PATS Programming for my vehicle was just added to this version of Forscan. So I downloaded and paid for an extended license.

Anyone tried this successfully? I noticed on an older thread it wasn't able to be done yet but I had hope with the new version it would work.
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Re: 2019 F350 Intelligent Access Key Programming

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I was having the same issue. I reached out to forscan n an email and they sent me an updated beta version and this worked for me.
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