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Re: Beta testing forum rules

Post by andreic200 »

I would like to participate on beta testing for windows version for Mazda 6 2014 skyactiv 2.0.
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Re: Beta testing forum rules

Post by rwxsby »

I would like to participate as a beta tester, Windows.
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Re: Beta testing forum rules

Post by BimmerGT1 »

I do like to participate in beta program I do programming fo USA market, Europe market and South America Market in both Ford and Mazda.

2014 ford ecosport 2.0, I try to reprogram the new TCM, but fails after entering the boot and cant recover I try factory well I try all option none work, so the tcm is bricked by the way this car is for South America market and there is a problem downloading the right software I guess because Forscan points to the USA dealer to download files intead of Brazil wich have the right files for these market.

Hope someone have a solution to this problem is the second module I try to program and fails.

I do thank you a lot for the software to me is very useful actually is the one I use more often then IDS is quicker, and solved many problems with different modules and to me is much better than IDS except for older cars 2010 and down no programming option for PCM it will be very heplful if these is implemented in new releases I do use Forscan almost everyday to update modules on F150 from 2011 and up, Explorers 2011 and up but for these cars with power shift I cant do it not even with IDS latest version I may need some advice on what to do before entering programming in these vehicles if someone knows please share it some tips. Also on Mazda 3 and newer Idid program a module from USA to a car build in Colombia program keys , change VIn and download asbuildata is great.

I did manage to recover a bricked dash on 2014 Explorer with forscan , dashboard was black no leds no scren nothing after fail programming with IDS latest version, I did manually with forscan very happy with these.

If I can contribute in anyway since I have cars from USA, Europe and south america market Ill be more than happy to help developing Forscan.
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Re: Beta testing forum rules

Post by lukasz543210 »

I would like to participate as a Windows beta tester
I would like to add that I have a paid extended license
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Re: Beta testing forum rules

Post by vetas001 »

здраствуйте я хотелбы принять тэстирование.форд фокус 1 zetec1.8 115лс
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Re: Beta testing forum rules

Post by Tiffee »

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Re: Beta testing forum rules

Post by NRG »

I would welcome an invitation for beta testing,especially interested in online updates,lol I unknowingly downloaded the regular 2.4.6 excited to see these new features "not knowing any better" and if there is a need for more peeps to test..

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