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Need testers for PATS function in 2008-2010 FG Falcon

Post by FORScan » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:36 pm

We need testers to complete PATS programming testing for 2008-2010 FG Falcon. The problem is that the function requires an adapter with seamless HS/MS CAN switching (OBDLink MX+/BT, ELS27, OBDLink SX modified with DC-DC relay etc). The function was delivered with status "experimental" in 2.3.19, but it seems it is not always working properly as recently one Falcon was bricked using it. The owner doesn't want to assist in resolving the problem and the car will go to a dealer. It seems we will have to remove the function from public FORScan release until it is confirmed as working reliable enough.

So we are looking for a tester. Requirements are:
- Adapter with seamless HS/MS CAN switching as mentioned above
- Readiness to have some (short, as we hope) time without car in case of something goes wrong (there may be 2 or even more test iterations)

Please do not place your proposal here but PM or email us.

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