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Download old versions

Download FORScan version 1.3.9 beta for Windows

Changes History

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed/removed feature

1.3.9 beta, 2013-02-25 (download)

- Fixed minor bug that sometimes caused incorrect addressing CAN modules

1.3.8 beta2, 2013-02-08 (download)

+ PCM KOER test on latest CAN vehicles (may not work on Diesel engines)
* Tuning ISO bus communication procedure
* Improvements in logging procedure
* Adjustments in reset DTC and test procedures on latest CAN vehicles
* Optimization for devices on STN 1100 family chipsets
- Removed a progress dialog functionality that sometimes caused freezing on Windows 7
- Fixed few small bugs in the reading vehicle ID information on some vehicles

1.3.7 beta, 2013-01-18 (download)

- Major bug in comunication procedure which sometimes caused FORScan freezing with Bluetooth ELM
- few bugs in content and translations

1.3.6 beta, 2013-01-11 (download)

+ Support of Mazda with SAEJ1850PWM protocol (e.g. Xedos9 2.3L compressor)
+ More PIDs for pre-CAN Mazda
+ Support of the Fuel Injection Control Module (FIM)
* Improved the result parsing procedure for CAN protocols
* Improved the ELM327 baud rate rising procedure
- Small bug which sometimes caused incorrect partnumber detection

1.3.5 beta, 2012-12-05 (download)

+ Added new controls to the Oscilloscope pane. Now it is posible to choose background color between black (default) and white. Also, the graph line can be set to normal or bold.

1.3.4 beta, 2012-12-04 (download)

* Background color of the Oscilloscope is now black, also some colors and lines are adjusted
- Major bug with incorrect reading DTC on pre-CAN Mazda models
- Bug with calculation PID IAT_V on pre-CAN Mazda models

1.3.3 beta, 2012-11-27 (download)

+ Spanish support (except DTC)
+ Selftests for ISO/PWM modules
+ Control Security Module (CSM) support
+ 4 new PIDs for TDCI engines: MAP, BARO, FRP_V and FRP
+ Automated restart when current language is changed
- bugs in selftest implementation

1.3.2 beta, 2012-11-13 (download)

- Incorrect detection of some ISO/PWM PCMs

1.3.1 beta, 2012-11-12 (download)

+ Italian support (except DTC)
+ Traction Battery Control Module (TBCM) support (actual for HEV vehicles)
* Improved procedure of reading the VID information
- Bug which caused incorrect behavior on connection, DTC reset and tests for some models
- Two major and one minor bugs with an interpretation of test results on CAN vehicles

1.3.0 beta, 2012-10-18(download)

+ Multilingual support
+ Russian support (except DTC)
+ Polish support (except DTC)
+ "Time base" control in the Oscilloscope mode
* Module type instead of bus type is displayed in the Vehicle section
- incorrect detection of some HS 14229 CAN vehicles (2007-2012 MY)
- several bugs in the Oscilloscope mode

1.2.2 beta, 2012-09-27 (download)

+ Support of Imperial units in the Oscilloscope mode
* Improved data transfer speed in the Dashboard/OScilloscope modes for Mazda ISO PCM
- Few small bugs in the Dashboard/OScilloscope modes for SCP/PWM PCMs
- Incorrect DTC codes reading for auxiliary modules on some CAN vehicles

1.2.1 beta, 2012-09-21 (download)

+ More than 200 new PIDs, including flags (status PIDs)
+ Support for Mazda ISO PCM
- "Auto-increase" checkbox is now disabled by default (caused problems on bluetooth adapters)
- Crash bug happened sometimes on auto-increase on bluetooth adapters
- Bug with incorrect restoring Dashboard parameters
- Bug with cutting list of PIDs in Dasboard and Oscilloscope Setup dialogs
- Bug with empty list of tests (now the Test page is disbaled if there are no any tests available)

1.2.0 beta, 2012-08-14 (download)

+ Graphical mode of displaying PIDs (so-called "Oscilloscope mode") with ability to store collected data as log, then review these data, including offline mode
+ "Setup" button in the Dashboard mode which gives a possibility to edit all pids simultaneously
* Design of the Dashboard pane, number of gauges is increased up to 30
- CSV log functionality.

1.1.3 beta, 2012-07-12 (download)

+ MAF_V PIDs 1177 and 1633
- incorrect work with ABS module on some older (pre-2000 MY) vehicles.

1.1.2 beta, 2012-06-14 (download)

+ workaround for a correct Dashboard's work with pre-CAN diesel engines, engine tests are disabled
+ ELM reset on FORScan exit
* improved stability
- bug with Auto-increase feature which was not properly disabled by the corresponding checkbox
- bug with incorrect resolving PCM part number on some vehicles

1.1.1 beta, 2012-04-04 (download)

- wrong detection of Bluetooth ELM adapters
- incorrect support of non-English filenames
- bug with the CSV file "Save As" dialog in the Dashboard pane
- FUELPW1, FUELPW2 PIDs scaling
- size of the popup window with PIDs in the Dashboard pane

1.1.0 beta, 2012-03-21 (download)

+ Support of CAN vehicles up to 2012 MY
+ Automated connect option
* More Ford modules supported
* More DTC descriptions
* More PIDs
* More tests
* Improved ELM and vehicle connection procedure
* Extended list of COM ports and baud rates
* Improved vehicle identification procedure, for old and new vehicles
* Improved stability
* multiple small improvements
- Support of ELM320

0.9.2 beta, 2011-09-16 (download)

* Vehicle detection procedure improved in order to support older vehicles
+ Added extended logging for beta-testers

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