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Starting from May 21, 2021, the support service is limited to FORScan users who purchased one of paid products (FORScan Lite for iOS, Android or paid FORScan Extended License). We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Due to large number of requests to support team that seriously affect development performance and new features delivery shedule, we ask FORScan users to kindly note the following:

1. Around 80% of issues addressed to support have been explained in resources available on our site. These resources are:

  • Support page. This page contains answers to the questions we receive most often.
  • How To articles. In the articles we try to address the most popular service actions.
  • Forums. Head of every forum contains (in addition to How To artciles) threads that address the most questionable issues.

2. Before report about a bug or problem, please first make sure you have the last version of FORScan installed and the issue it still exists in the last version.

3. Support team can only communicate in English. Requests in other languages cannot be not processed.

4. We provide support for FORScan products only. At this moment these products are: FORScan for Windows (including Extended License), FORScan Lite for Android, iOS. We do not support goods and services provided by 3rd parties (adapters, As Built Data spreadsheets etc), even if our site contains reference to it. For support on these goods and services please contact their manufacturer/author/supplier.

5. Please remember that the product is provided AS IS. FORScan had been developing for 10 years by this moment and we continue to intensively work on it. It still has problems, but it is the best we could create by this time.

6. We do not consult on protocols, diagnostics, service, repair, programming and tuning if it is not directly related to FORScan support.

7. Helpfulness of the support work directly depends on quality of the request. The request to support should contain the following information:

  • Aim of the request - what exactly help you need from FORScan support team.
  • Short but complete problem description - support team must clearly understand the issue. If necessary, please provide screenshots and/or session logs.
  • If the problem is related to some function executed on the vehicle, it is recommended to provide FORScan Debug Information (please look below for the instruction).
Please do not overload your request with information that is not related to the issue you need our assistance with.

8. Processing request may take from several minutes to several days and depends on different factors. Main factors are team load and prioritization. Requests are rated as the following:

  1. Requests from people that really need priority help (erased all keys, bricked some module etc)
  2. All other requests
Support team workhours are app. 0:00 - 14:00 GMT.

9. Support team is not responsible for a forum moderation. Questions about forum account registration and approval are fully covered in the Forum section of the Support page.

Please contact support team at .

Providing FORScan Debug information

FORScan for Windows

Note: FORScan for Windows has Debug Mode setting enabled by default so debug information is recorded always. So all what user needs is to send the information from the laptop. The instruction below explains how to do it. However, if the Debug Mode setting was previously disabled for some reason, you have to enable it, remove vehicle profile (Vehicles->Profiles, delete vehicle from the list), connect and reproduce the problem before move forward with the steps below.

1. Make sure FORScan is closed.
2. Open FORScan Log folder.
2.1.Windows 7 and older: press Windows Start button->All programms->FORScan->FORScan Log folder.
2.2. Windows 8 and newer: click on the Windows icon at the bottom left corner. Find FORScan group in the list (under letter 'F'). Expand the group. Find FORScan Log folder item in the expanded group and click on it.
3. Folder with logs will be opened, you should see 2 files there: dump.bin and FORScan.log (may be more). Please zip them (if possible) and email to us.

FORScan Lite for Android, iOS

Note: in contrast to FORScan for Windows, Lite versions have Debug mode setting disabled by default. So you have to enable it and reproduce the problem.

1. Enable Debug mode:
1.1. FORScan Lite for Android: Go to Settings section in the application and enable Debug mode setting
1.2. FORScan Lite for iOS: go to iOS device Settings (Settings application on the main table), find FORScan Lite, enter it and enable Debug mode setting.
2. Clear vehicle cache (go to Vehicle section, press on Service (gear) button, tap on Clear cache item).
3. Connect to vehicle and reproduce the problem.
4. Disconnect from the vehicle.
5. Go to Vehicle section, press on Service (gear) button, select the item Send debug info.
6. Send debug info to FORScan Team.
7. Go to Settings and disable Debug mode.

PRIVACY NOTE: the log files do NOT contain any personal information, including name, email, IP address, computer or operating system information and so on. In the meantime, the logs may keep vehicle's configuration and identification information, such as VIN, serial and part numbers of hardware and software, strategy, calibration, versioning and other information like this. We keep the following policy in regard to the sensitive technical information we may obtain access to:

  • The part of log files that may contain any sensitive technical information is saved to disk in an encrypted form
  • In no event the FORScan application can send the logs in an automated mode. The logs can be send to us only manually by good will of the owner.
  • In no event FORScan team provides this information to any 3rd party.
  • The information is used purely to improve the FORScan application. FORScan team guarantees that this information is not used for any other purpose.

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