2010 Ford Explorer P0443 and P0403

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2010 Ford Explorer P0443 and P0403

Postby gdcockra » Fri May 19, 2017 9:11 pm

Hi Everyone,

My 2010 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 started giving me a P0443 and P0403 codes.
I hooked up and took a look and I can see the EGR CMD change and EGR ERR swing between +100 and -100%.
The Evap Valve I tested by hand and it cycles fine and using Forscan I can see the pressure change when the CMD to the EVAP goes up, pressure goes down. I can hear it click when it cycles on.
I tested voltages at the ECM connector and they are all within spec, I even changed the EGR valve just in case.
I checked for a short to ground on all wires, checked Vacuum at the EGR for leaks, none there. Inspected cabling and nothing was rubbing on anything, all still in the jacket and holders.
So figuring it was a bad ECM I sent it off. Today they call me and say no issue with the ECM either. Is it possible the connector for the ECM is not making a good contact? I have no real way of testing it.
The tech suggested maybe a software glitch as he sees quite a few of them come in for the same codes and he finds no issues with the ECM. No one ever calls him back to let him know what they did to fix it.
ForScan cannot actuate the EGR valve independently so it is difficult to test. It would be a nice feature to have FYI.
Engine runs completely smooth, no drivability problems what so ever. Just not going to pass inspection and Fuel Consumption is down to 11mpg

So does anyone have any more ideas on finding the cause other than a software update as I don't have the software to update it with.

PCM - Powertrain Control Module
Part number: 9L2AED
Strategy : PWGF0A8
Copyright Ford Motor Co. 2008

===PCM DTC P0403-FF===
Code: P0403 - EGR valve position control circuit
Module: Powertrain Control Module
Diagnostic Trouble Code details
EGR valve position control circuit
Open Circuit
Short circuit to ground or battery
This DTC may be caused by :
Damaged or worn vacuum hose
EGR valve assembly
===END PCM DTC P0403-FF===

===PCM DTC P0443-FF===
Code: P0443 - Purge valve circuit fault
Module: Powertrain Control Module
===END PCM DTC P0443-FF===
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