Another not working clone

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Another not working clone

Postby mirekswirek » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:08 pm

Hello, I'm new around and also kinda new in automotive.
I have a friend that has a Ford Mondeo Mk4 2.0 TDCi and cars has some performance issues.
I wanted to help him and started to look for a good working software to diagnose ford. Thats when I found FORscan.
I already had 2 ELM 327 clones and wanned to try this software but unfortunately with no luck. I can't connect to the vechile, I got message that my clones are poor quality and that's it.
I've red couple of threads around here and there and it seems that those might have bad chip but maybe not, maybe some parts missing, bad prats etc. so maybe, just maybe someone could help me diagnoze or/and debug my clones and state are thy trully trash or just need little rework :)
Let's start with some photos of them, one is bluetoot and the second is usb.
I've done theese steps so far, and they are are OK ...
Thanks in advance.
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