Known problems with china clones of ELM327

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Re: Known problems with china clones of ELM327

Postby SteveE » Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:45 am

I have recently purchased a Wifi ELM327 from China claiming to have a 25k80 chip (usually found in the good clones).
Unfortunately Forscan reports this as another bad clone v1.5.
Upon disassembly of the device, i can confirm it does indeed have a PIC18F25K80 device however, I have noticed some differences in the wiring and it has a 16mhz timing crystal instead of the usual 4mhz.
So I am assuming that this is a custom firmware loaded onto a 25k80 purely to intentionally mislead buyers that are looking for the original good clone 25k80.
As usual the Chinese seller is uncooperative and claims there is nothing wrong with the device and not fake in any way.
To prove my case I was looking at testing it with AT commands, however all of the commands at the start of this thread and some others I have found on the internet all return an OK response.
The Android app ELM327 identifier returns the same results as a known good ELM327 with 25k80.
Does anyone know what Forscan is looking for when it is detecting a bad clone and how I can reproduce this outside of Forscan? (The seller does not accept a screenshot from Forscan as proof).
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Re: Known problems with china clones of ELM327

Postby abdelamjid » Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:46 pm

hello to all thank you for your sharing
i have an ELM 327 1.5 not modified work with forscan or not
best regards
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Re: Known problems with china clones of ELM327

Postby Matiq » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:40 pm

Hi, i bought ELM327 v1.5a USB from China and it's clone i think... i have problem to connect with Ford Focus Mk1, 1.8 Zetec Engine. I make test that i find in this thread and this is resault:

Many faults but J1850 succes so why i can't connect to vehicle by FORSCAN ?? When i click connect i have error that "Turn ignition ON". I connect to car by ScanTool but only sensor are visible not ECU.
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