"Missing" modules

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"Missing" modules

Postby haas_chris » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:39 am

I have a 2017 explorer sport. I am trying to enable the global windows to roll them up and down with remote. Per the spreadsheet I am utilizing I need to make the following changes

Remote Global Windows **Roll up/down windows by holding keyfob lock/unlock 16-18MY
—Enables Global Close BCM 726-17-01 x*x* x*x* x*zz 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled (change all *-ex. 0101 0101 01xx)
—Enables Global Open BCM 726-17-02 x*x* x*x* x*zz 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled (change all *-ex. 0101 0101 01xx)
—Open/Close Master Enable BCM 726-30-01 x*x* xxxx xxzz 0=Disabled, 1=Remote, 3=Key & Remote (First digit for close, second for open xxx3 - 17MY Default)
—Driver Door Module Enable DDM 740-05-01 *xxx zz 1=Disabled (16MY Default), 9=Open Enabled (17MY Default), D=Open+Close Enabled
—Passenger Door Module Enable PDM 741-05-01 *xxx zz 1=Disabled (16MY Default), 9=Open Enabled (17MY Default), D=Open+Close Enabled
—'Windows' menu on IPC (for remote global open/close) IPC 720-02-01 *xxx xxxx xxzz 4=Disabled (16MY Default), 6=Open Enabled (17MY Default), 7=Open+Close Enabled

My DDM and PDM modules are not showing up through forscan. I posted a question regarding this on an explorer forum and someone suggested that my ELM might be broken/not compatible with Forscan. They included a document with a suggested ELM device. I just received the device today and still the 2 modules are missing. Is it normal for some modules to be "missing/not installed" from the factory depending on what trim/add ons your vehicle comes with. For example I did NOT get the 401A package in my explorer, does that eliminate some of the modules? Am I still running into a possible ELM issue and should spend more to get more?

Any suggestions/recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

For reference:
Original ELM I purchased

Document that was shared with me with information on compatible ELM's
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-8d ... xIqxY/edit

New ELM I just received today and still doesnt work
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