Could auotamtic configuration for SODL/SODR be wrong?

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Could auotamtic configuration for SODL/SODR be wrong?

Postby pdario » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:26 pm

Hello, I enabled CTA on my Mondeo by activating it within IPC and using the automatic configuration options for SODL and SODR.
I saw that the last ones changed
7C4-05-01 from xDxx xxxx xx to xCxx xxxx xx
7C6-05-01 from xDxx xxxx xx to xCxx xxxx xx

Since I have something wrong with it (if I run a self test on SODL/R it says CTA has something faulty and I lost the blinking led of BLIS), I googled around for manual CTA configuration and I found two different soultions.

One says to change a two more settings, here it is:
7C4-05-01 xCxx xxxx xx
7C4-05-02 1xxx xxxx xx
7C4-06-01 xxxx 2xxx xx
7C6-05-01 xCxx xxxx xx
7c6-05-02 1xxx xxxx xx
7C6-06-01 xxxx 2xxx xx

In facts, Forscan just does the first and fourth modifications.

The other one is further different, it says:
7C4/7C6-01-01 xxx2 xxxx - BLIS/CTA enabled
7C4/7C6-05-01 xxxx xxxx x0xx - Blockage enabled

So, basically, it uses a different bit to enable CTA and a secondo bit to enable blockage detection.

What do you think of these different instructions?
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