Tuner data such as SCT and the like

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Tuner data such as SCT and the like

Postby bigred350 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:23 am

I have been doing some reading in the forum, and have used Forscan to do minor modifications to my truck. I was curious if anyone has uploaded a "tuned version" of their modified data so it can be compared to stock? I may be wrong, but I would assume (which I hate to do) that the "tuned version" differs from the as-built hex codes. Essentially, I'm asking if anyone with a uploaded tune such as SCT or the like has compared the changes against the as-built data? This could answer some questions many of us have about modifying our stock settings for more power, or at the very least explain some coding that we are still unfamiliar with. Any thoughts or concerns I may have missed fellas?
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