Ford Explorer Signature and parking Lights

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Ford Explorer Signature and parking Lights

Postby Medic1592 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:25 pm

Does anyone know how to program the headlamps to use the amber parking lights instead of the LED signature surrounds? I replaced the lamps with the base model without them and the amber lights still don't turn on. There is a function to make them parking lamps only, then the turn signal function is missing. Seems like the settings are close, but I need a resolution. Trying to figure out how to program that there are new lamps. The interceptor and base model both use the amber lights for parking. I've skimmed through their BCM codes and some are similar, but obviously I don't want to try everything and break them, since both are "base" models, there are bound to be similarities. Any thoughts on a headlight version? Like in the Fusion mods where the type can be adjusted?
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